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Choosing a Wood Finish for Your Marshfield Home

Category: House Painting

Wood FinishOnce you’ve hired a painting company to perform wood finishing services in your Marshfield home, it’s time to select a wood finish to apply to your woodwork or furniture. Wood finishes are not only attractive but also protective, and regardless of the finish you choose, your wood surfaces will be better off with a wood finish application.

If you have any questions about wood finishes, reach out to the skilled team at Masse Group, your Marshfield painting company, and consider scheduling wood finishing services. Our painting specialists can provide assistance and expert knowledge so that you choose the perfect wood finish for your home.

Penetrating Finishes vs. Surface Finishes

You may hear your painting contractor categorize wood finishes as either a penetrating finish or a surface finish. A penetrating finish will permeate the pores and fibers of a wood surface, and it’s usually oil-based. Penetrating finishes have a low sheen, and they take a while to dry. A surface finish acts as a hard film between the wood and anything that covers it so that your wood surfaces are protected.

Which Wood Finish Should You Choose?

– Lacquer – dries fast, usually a spray application, removable, ideal for furniture, and shouldn’t be used over old varnish or paint
– Oil-Based – dries slowly, satin finish, ideal for furniture, applies easily with cloth or brush, and shows alcohol and water stains
– Polyurethane – very durable, natural appearance, water-resistant, not recommended for outdoor use, can be difficult to repair, and available in glossy, semi-gloss, and satin sheens
– Shellac – hard finish that dries quickly, can break down over time, and not water-resistant
– Varnish – very durable and must be applied to clean surfaces
– Water-Based – dries quickly, doesn’t yellow with age, and should be used with synthetic brushes
– Wax – glossy sheen, removable, and has to be reapplied often

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