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What’s “In” For 2016 In Interior Paint Colors For South Shore Boston?

interior-painting-south-shore-bostonIf you are into ensuring your home in South Shore Boston sports contemporary design, you’ll want to find out what interior paint colors are “in” for 2016. Finding the right interior colors in South Shore Boston when choosing paint can be daunting, especially because very South Shore Boston home is different and unique. What looks good for some other home, may not suit your home or tastes very well.

One piece of advise that our expert Painters at Masse Group can give you is that 2016 represents new beginnings, it’s the ideal time to try something new when choosing paint colors. In the South Shore Boston area and across the country, paint manufacturers are leading us to a more serene setting within our homes with small pops of color.

Sherwin Williams paint color of the year for 2016 is their beautiful and calming Alabaster and Benjamin Moore’s Simply White is equally beautiful. These neutral tones create a perfect relaxing, restful atmosphere to come home to after all the activity we have here in the South Shore Boston area.

The trending color theme for 2016 is centered on bringing in the soft colors of nature. As a homeowner, you should know that bold color isn’t completely out though. In fact, there’s nothing better than a neutral background to set off small areas of vibrant color.

Bringing Nature In For Your South Shore Boston Home

If you take a look outside your South Shore Boston home or spend any time outdoors, you’ll see panoramic views of color to choose from for you painting project. Bringing the soft, subtle, and sometimes vivid colors of nature in is very popular for 2016.

The colors of the sun make gorgeous accents for your home. Reds, Pinks, Oranges, Blues, Violets, and Golds will look great in your South Shore Boston home.

Neutral Colors Go With Everything

Have you ever noticed how soft shades of color can go with any kind of decorative style? Shades of cream or tan tinted with other colors can be included in your 2016 paint color choices for just about any style home. Alabaster, Simply White, Sand, Ivory, and similar paint colors are clean, calming, and crisp, which is the idea for this year.

About Reflective Qualities When Choosing Paint Colors

When you choose the color of paint you want for your South Shore Boston home, you’ll also be choosing the sheen or finish of the paint. Paint with any gloss to it can be slightly to very reflective. When light plays on the painted surface, it is reflected which makes it shine. To be “in” in 2016, choose paints with little to no sheen because the idea is to achieve a relaxing space. Having some sparkle is great in the right areas, but in general it should not excite the mood.

If you would like more information or have questions about choosing 2016 paint colors for your South Shore Boston home, please call 508.697.1616 or complete our online request form.